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Online profile portraits and professional headshots that are warm, engaging and personal. An authentic reflection of the very best of you. Naturally, simply and easily, just by being yourself.

corporate headshots

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Establish your brand and connect to your clients with appealing, dynamic corporate headshots that show you as a real person. Friendly and confident, welcoming and successful.

family portraits

family portrait photographer vancouver

Fun, fresh and relaxed family portraits with lovely natural lighting and outdoor locations. Candid, one-of-a-kind images that show the unique essence and style of your family.

wedding photography

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Beautiful wedding photos that capture personalities, details, emotions... All of the big and small, wonderful moments that make your wedding day so special.


Tamea Burd is an acclaimed professional photographer in Vancouver, BC. Her photos have been published nationally and internationally. She has been featured on CBC TV's 'Living Vancouver', on Shaw TV's 'Urban Rush' and appeared several times on 'Vancouver Breakfast Television'. Her work has also been displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England.

Tamea specializes in warm, natural, authentic images and easy, comfortable photo sessions. No stress, no pressure, just lots of support and encouragement. Your personality shining through your eyes. The smile that lights you up in your headshots or portraits. In a family portrait or at your wedding, when the look of love on your face is just amazing... Tamea Burd Photography captures you at your genuine best. Her customizable services are available throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas.


"Tamea Burd is a Vancouver photographer whose wedding, portrait, headshot, and family photography consistently exhibit two wonderful qualities that work beautifully in harmony with each other: On one hand, her images feel utterly casual with little fuss. The comfort of her subjects is palpable, and many of her best images feel like candid snapshots. On the other hand, it’s clear that she is carefully crafting her photographs in post-production, giving them a modern, compelling aesthetic.

Her skilled techniques ensure that her photos do exactly what they are supposed to do: call attention to the people they document. The best part of Tamea’s work is that her images retain intimacy and approachability while also meeting the standards of excellent professional photography."

- Excerpt from ‘After Capture’ article on Tamea Burd Photography, by international photojournalist E. Salwen.

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